What is Preside?

Preside is an open source cloud-ready platform which enables the rapid creation of powerful digital products.

Key features

At the heart of Preside are out of the box features that are easy to install and expand. They include the API manager, Data Manager and CMS. Discover how they make development with Preside swift and straight forward.

Open Source & Open Community

The Preside platform community brings together a wide range of agencies and companies that use Preside as a foundation to support their digital platforms.


What is Preside Platform?

It’s a digital experience platform seamlessly integrated to your CRM.

Preside comes with the building blocks and tools to enable the speedy, secure and stable development of digital applications. Open source, it’s free and backed by a broad and highly experienced community of developers. Discover the features that power Preside and find out how to get started.


Trusted by industry leaders

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Get involved

We are an open source project and welcome contributions in all forms. If you want to dive into code, check out our Contributors guide. You can also get involved by jumping into our Slack team to join the conversation.