Release notes for Preside 10.26


This hotfix address a pair of unrelated issues. Firstly an issue fixing broken links that contain non latin characters in the link picker. Second, a fix for some inconsistent behaviour with site tree page pickers.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2790 linkPicker throws an error for resource with non latin characters in title etc
PRESIDECMS-2795 Admin site tree page picker missing saved values occasionally


This hotfix addresses four unrelated issues, see release notes for details.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2765 Formbuilder POST action should check from address against allowed domains
PRESIDECMS-2769 OneToMany rules expressions fail if relationship is self
PRESIDECMS-2787 Fieldsets display even if they have no form content
PRESIDECMS-2788 Devs unable to modify output content after delayed viewlets rendered


This hotfix addresses a bug where deleted asset images may have their private URL result cached in upstream proxies. See release notes for details.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2786 Deleted assets in trash: cache header means assets might be cached upstream


This hotfix addresses a security issue where deleted assets may be publicly available at a non-guessable URL. See release notes for details.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2783 Deleted assets in trash: accessible on a public URL


The 10.26.1 hotfix addresses some issues with the email statistics implementation introduced in 10.26.0 and fixes some typos in the default English i18n. See release notes for details.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2775 Notifications - typo for formbuilder
PRESIDECMS-2776 Grammar for formbuilder notification
PRESIDECMS-2782 Email bot detection: running for opens even when feature turned off


The 10.26 release is here! In this release you'll see an overhauled system and UI for email interaction statistics, a new additional "grid" view for the site tree and a data cleansing config tools for form builder form submissions. Thanks as ever to all contributers.

New features and improvements

PRESIDECMS-2375 Alternative site tree page listing in Preside admin
PRESIDECMS-2632 Ability to retain forms submission for only x period
PRESIDECMS-2749 Email logging and statistics: improve performance and usability for large volumes of data
PRESIDECMS-2770 Add feature to detect bot traffic in email open and click tracking