Release notes for Preside 10.24


This release addresses a quartet of unlrelated bugs, see release notes for details.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2704 Text is not visible in preside admin toolbar when viewing a frontend page
PRESIDECMS-2705 Exception type is not a simple value
PRESIDECMS-2707 Error if custom email next scheduled send date is in past
PRESIDECMS-2708 Asset download: cache headers to not differentiate between public and private assets


This release fixes a number of critical bugs and adds some useful features to help with performance and stability. See release notes for ticket details.


PRESIDECMS-2592 Autogenerated Filter expression for record match
PRESIDECMS-2700 CSRF Tokens: allow option to only use when session exists
PRESIDECMS-2701 No ability to set query timeouts

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2697 Missing result url for batch delete adhoc task
PRESIDECMS-2698 Recordcount fails if only fields supplied are formula fields
PRESIDECMS-2702 Autogen filters: enum property text matches fails in some way when used in conjunction with other filters
PRESIDECMS-2703 Missing advanced filter list on formbuilder question datamanager view


The 10.24.15 hotfix adds a trio of minor/missing features: adds a synchronous SMTP option for SMTP sending; a helper method to reload a user session and ability to have a "yesNoSwitch" be disabled. See release notes for details.

Bug fixes/improvements

PRESIDECMS-1845 getLoggedInUserDetails\(\) not updated when website\_user record of logged in user is updated
PRESIDECMS-2694 SMTP sending: no abiltity to bypass Lucee spool
PRESIDECMS-2699 No able to disable yes no switch


This release addresses fixes for a number of unrelated bugs. See release notes for details.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2372 Exporting content field in the email log throws error
PRESIDECMS-2373 Searching for a email template in the email log and exporting the results, the downloaded file will be empty
PRESIDECMS-2400 Sitetree: Error " Object \[login\] does not exist" after save reordered pages
PRESIDECMS-2570 Not able to clear orphaned system alert
PRESIDECMS-2683 Scheduled saved export not running as expected
PRESIDECMS-2687 Preside validation does not translate label for param field
PRESIDECMS-2693 Remove unsupported properties from JavaImageMetaReader


This hotfix resolves 5 unrelated issues.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2571 Text area resizes abnormally from default size when theres changes in text content
PRESIDECMS-2666 No paging on sync task logs
PRESIDECMS-2680 Error cloning page to a different site
PRESIDECMS-2681 500 on blank email layout cloned at preview page
PRESIDECMS-2684 Field without question resulted in empty label causes 500 error on form render


This hotfix resolves 2 unrelated issues.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2653 System email template edit saving with no layout selected results in 500 error
PRESIDECMS-2637 Nesting of widget configurator


This hotfix resolves 4 unrelated issues.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2655 Form builder POST action "Anonymous user email" option unable to proceed
PRESIDECMS-2667 Align attribute missing on image picker renderer causing image not align correctly on Outlook
PRESIDECMS-2670 Update changed data not picking up many-to-many field value
PRESIDECMS-2679 Admin missing ID param for enhanced data manger view record lead to error


This hotfix addresses a recently introduced regression.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2673 Refactored find and replace: chokes when input string is a number


This hotfix addresses a regression introduced with the previous hotfix with regards to viewing email statistics in the email center.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2669 isRelationalAggregateField() helper referenced but does not exist in core Preside


The 10.24.8 hotfix releases a slew of performance and bug fixes.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2569 Invalid rule engine system alert didn't triggered
PRESIDECMS-2654 Missing admin permission check for system alert
PRESIDECMS-2656 Dependabot alerts: tough-cookie Prototype Pollution vulnerability
PRESIDECMS-2657 Missing admin permission key for link menu item
PRESIDECMS-2658 Empty border box render when no tab available for enhanced data manger
PRESIDECMS-2659 Saved export access role not able to access saved export history
PRESIDECMS-2660 showNonLiveContent\(\) - don't do try/catch for checking the variable exists
PRESIDECMS-2661 Object with tenancy getting empty tenancy ID for filter
PRESIDECMS-2662 Use non-Google URL for ReCaptcha
PRESIDECMS-2663 Performance: find and replace techniques for delayed rendering, etc. could be optimized
PRESIDECMS-2664 Navigate permission key didn't include in the default operations
PRESIDECMS-2665 Slow performance on email logs when use filter


The 10.24.7 hotfix addresses an issue with application startup load order for some installations with custom system email templates.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2568 System email templates: check for setting up default content should be delayed until all services are initialised


This hotfix release addresses a pair of unrelated issues. Firstly, an issue with how dynamic rules filters work for formula fields. Secondly, an issue with ad-hoc tasks with runnow=true failing to run in some circumstances.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2489 Formula field filters: cause multiple issues
PRESIDECMS-2566 Ad-hoc tasks that fail to run with runNow=true NEVER run


The 10.24.5 hotfix release addresses an issue with the new icon picker released in 10.24.0.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2564 Icon picker display limit


The 10.24.4 hotfix updates outdated NPM library dependencies for the static asset build process.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2563 Dependabot: number of issues with our NPM dependencies for building static assets


The 10.24.3 hotfix addresses an edge case regression introduced with recent improvements to datamanager listing counts.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2562 Do not optimise datmanager listing count if groupBy is specified


The 10.24.2 hotfix addresses a regression introduced to particular many-to-many auto generated filters in previous hotfixes.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2561 Many-to-many count auto filter: fails when on an auto join table


The 10.24.1 slips in a "bug fix" to address the fact that it was difficult to configure cachebox caches from within Preside extensions. Now super easy.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2560 Cachebox: no easy way to configure from an extension


The Preside 10.24 release is here! Plenty of small improvements for users and developers alike. Check out our release video and notes below.


The Preside 10.24 release is here! Plenty of small improvements for users and developers alike.  Check out our release video and notes below.

New features and improvements

PRESIDECMS-2460 URL redirects preserve query string option
PRESIDECMS-2524 Ability to pre-populate formbuilder fields
PRESIDECMS-2526 Icon picker
PRESIDECMS-2529 System email variants
PRESIDECMS-2534 Make addBreadcrumb methods smarter with position argument
PRESIDECMS-2535 Improve admin user group role picker
PRESIDECMS-2538 DB migration helper to check deprecated column
PRESIDECMS-2547 SelectData: Support Lucee's ability to return array of structs, etc.
PRESIDECMS-2556 Bring better datamanager record view extension into core
PRESIDECMS-2558 Update branding

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