Release notes for Preside 10.26


The 10.26.34 hotfix releases a number of unrelated bug fixes and a minor enhancement. See release notes for details.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2100 focal point picker goes into a loop if the image 404s
PRESIDECMS-2855 Yesterday filter not filtering yesterday date with 00:00:00 time
PRESIDECMS-2876 Submenu with separator only still render empty menu item
PRESIDECMS-2885 Enhanced data manager views: cannot easily customise tabs dynamically
PRESIDECMS-2886 Email logging: show failure events in log view, even when sending eventually successful


PRESIDECMS-2836 Option to pass resultTemplateFormat and selectedTemplateForm in select formcontrol


The 10.26.33 hotfix addresses a couple of unrelated issues with site tree version numbers when editing, and the admin UI of the crop hint picker. See release notes for details.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2875 Admin edit site tree version set in request context regardless version is selected or not
PRESIDECMS-2863 UI issues when drawing the crop hint area for image assets


The 10.26.32 hotfix addresses an issue where some email providers send failure messages even after an email has been successfully delivered. Prevent the log as showing as failed but record the error.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2877 Email statuses: unmark as failed if getting a delivery notification


The 10.26.31 release resolves a couple of unrelated issues. See release notes for further details. Note the jump in version numbers, which is due to build process refactoring and testing.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2870 Query string field validation issue on Site tree link picker
PRESIDECMS-2874 Unnecessary htmleditformat preventing detection of selected form fields


The 10.26.25 release publishes some changes to our build process. Nothing to see here!


PRESIDECMS-2873 Update CI to test a matrix of java and lucee versions and improve feedback


The 10.26.24 hotfix addresses an XSS vulnerability and three other minor bug fixes. See release notes for details.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2692 Poor performance when filter email logs by "Activity link is equal to"
PRESIDECMS-2857 Asset link built incorrect when it is not tenanted
PRESIDECMS-2868 Password policy strengh picker: does not show saved value
PRESIDECMS-2871 Admin Forgotten password screen: XSS vulnerability


The 10.26.23 hotfix addresses a couple of minor enhancements and bugs. See release notes for details.


PRESIDECMS-2845 Add query string for link picker sitetree link
PRESIDECMS-2784 Admin: change of admin user email address does not require confirmation

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2824 Label click target on admin form fields is too big
PRESIDECMS-2850 Segmentation filter recalculate record issue when there is site tenanted
PRESIDECMS-2866 Adhoc task cleanup: runs too frequently


The 10.26.21 hotfix fixes an issue with the previous work on silently failing adhoc tasks, and a permission issue with admin access to system alerts. See release notes for details.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2847 System administrator unable to access system alert
PRESIDECMS-2851 Invalid type error when failing inactive running tasks


The 10.26.20 hotfix fixes an issue when sorting the email templates listing. It also adds new options for how the admin toolbar should be displayed on the front end. See release notes for details.

New feature

PRESIDECMS-2792 Front-end admin toolbar options

Bug fix

PRESIDECMS-2832 Email template 'Send info' sort function not work as expected


The 10.26.19 hotfix addresses a number of issues, including a workaround for a bug in Safari 17.4 when displaying email inputs, and is a recommended update. See release notes for details.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2849 Issue with email input in Safari 17.4
PRESIDECMS-2461 Email layout default configurations overwritten
PRESIDECMS-2762 Adhoc tasks: can silently fail then never run
PRESIDECMS-2848 Data table action icons: only direct icon children should zoom on hover


The 10.26.18 hotfix addresses a plethora of old and new tickets, both minor enhancements and bug fixes. See release notes for details.

Minor enhancements

PRESIDECMS-2676 use inspectTemplates\(\) instead of SystemCacheClear\( "template" \);
PRESIDECMS-2825 Display system alert using info cards and tabs
PRESIDECMS-2841 File download access control

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2168 CurrentDateBetween expression excludes the dateTo date
PRESIDECMS-2175 Missing 'LoggedInUser' generator
PRESIDECMS-2231 Foreign Key Multiple Cascade Issue In Formbuilder\_Form Table With MSSQL DB
PRESIDECMS-2450 event.getClientIp\(\) - not using x-forwarded-for
PRESIDECMS-2822 Asset download: Inline documents get 301 redirect rather than 302
PRESIDECMS-2834 Missing placeholder in spinner form control
PRESIDECMS-2840 Files uploaded via formbuilder form could be downloaded by public


This hotfix release addresses a pair of minor issues. See release notes for details.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2827 No way to sort child pages that were set hidden from site tree
PRESIDECMS-2837 HTTP protocol dropdown placeholder is display incorrectly


This hotfix release addresses a number of unrelated minor issues. See release notes for details.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2777 Tenancy for asset is not working properly
PRESIDECMS-2781 Pages in new sitetree grid view are shown \(wrong\), but not in tree view \(correct\)
PRESIDECMS-2806 Export field sorting different from the default selected options
PRESIDECMS-2820 Datamanager search boxes: object name always singular
PRESIDECMS-2826 Asset download: attempts to create derivative for non-existant asset


The 10.26.15 hotfix adds a pair of minor enhancements to allow more customisation options and fixes a pair of minor bugs. See release notes for details

Minor enhancements

PRESIDECMS-2809 Sitetree top right buttons customisation
PRESIDECMS-2833 Preprocessor validation result

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2804 Asset manager: File name text overflows in delete modal
PRESIDECMS-2814 Richeditor asset renderer alignment error


The 10.20.14 hotfix addresses a critical issue for those applications that previously had the extension installed and subsequently upgrade to 10.26.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2835 Temporary email extension upgrade: schedule Email in Draft status gets published


The 10.26.13 hotfix release addresses an issue where saving a draft page without changes will publish the page.

Bug fix

PRESIDECMS-2828 Saving a page as draft without changes will publish the page


The 10.26.12 hotfix release addresses a critical issue with migrating email templates where draft templates would be published and potentially sent out if scheduled.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2829 Schedule Email in Draft status gets published upon upgrading to v10.26


The 10.26.11 hotfix resolves an issue with secure cookies in admin-only applications. See release notes for details

Bug fix

PRESIDECMS-2823 cookies: secure not auto set to true for applications that do not make use of sites (i.e. admin only applications)


The 10.26.10 hotfix addresses several bugs and adds a couple of minor enhancements. See release notes for details

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2802 Email stats: Inconsistent click count on graph vs click stat
PRESIDECMS-2819 unscoped variables in errorTemplate.cfm can cause crash
PRESIDECMS-2789 TimePeriodPicker pastOnly futureOnly should set min max dates


PRESIDECMS-2813 Option to hide cancel button in createTask
PRESIDECMS-2821 Ability to set a canonical tag in a page


The 10.26.9 hotfix addresses an issue introduced in 10.26.7. See release notes for details

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2807 Data manager customisation always return default result if provided


This hotfix address an issue related to the email stats improvements, where an error would be thrown when resending a system email.

Bug fix

PRESIDECMS-2805 Resend of email fails when trying to log stats


This hotfix address a quintuplet of unrelated issues. See release notes for details.

Bug fixes / improvements

PRESIDECMS-2791 Missing pre/post sortRecordsAction data manager customisation
PRESIDECMS-2798 Critical system alerts only shows when logging in as Super Admin
PRESIDECMS-2799 Batch edit missing data manager customisation
PRESIDECMS-2801 Rules engine expression cache: needlessly taking up valuable heap memory
PRESIDECMS-2780 Add generic interception points for pre/post runCustomization


The 10.26.6 hotfix address a trio of unrelated bugs. See release notes for details.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2756 Expanded export fields inconsistent default order
PRESIDECMS-2796 Do not show deleted sites in System Settings
PRESIDECMS-2797 Scheduled export > Missing column title for nested field


This hotfix address a pair of unrelated issues. Firstly an issue fixing broken links that contain non latin characters in the link picker. Second, a fix for some inconsistent behaviour with site tree page pickers.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2790 linkPicker throws an error for resource with non latin characters in title etc
PRESIDECMS-2795 Admin site tree page picker missing saved values occasionally


This hotfix addresses four unrelated issues, see release notes for details.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2765 Formbuilder POST action should check from address against allowed domains
PRESIDECMS-2769 OneToMany rules expressions fail if relationship is self
PRESIDECMS-2787 Fieldsets display even if they have no form content
PRESIDECMS-2788 Devs unable to modify output content after delayed viewlets rendered


This hotfix addresses a bug where deleted asset images may have their private URL result cached in upstream proxies. See release notes for details.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2786 Deleted assets in trash: cache header means assets might be cached upstream


This hotfix addresses a security issue where deleted assets may be publicly available at a non-guessable URL. See release notes for details.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2783 Deleted assets in trash: accessible on a public URL


The 10.26.1 hotfix addresses some issues with the email statistics implementation introduced in 10.26.0 and fixes some typos in the default English i18n. See release notes for details.

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2775 Notifications - typo for formbuilder
PRESIDECMS-2776 Grammar for formbuilder notification
PRESIDECMS-2782 Email bot detection: running for opens even when feature turned off


The 10.26 release is here! In this release you'll see an overhauled system and UI for email interaction statistics, a new additional "grid" view for the site tree and a data cleansing config tools for form builder form submissions. Thanks as ever to all contributers.

New features and improvements

PRESIDECMS-2375 Alternative site tree page listing in Preside admin
PRESIDECMS-2632 Ability to retain forms submission for only x period
PRESIDECMS-2749 Email logging and statistics: improve performance and usability for large volumes of data
PRESIDECMS-2770 Add feature to detect bot traffic in email open and click tracking