Eventfolio is an all-in-one event management system (EMS) built with Preside.  It allows for end-to-end management of multiple events all year round. Events teams can manage delegate booking, ticket payments, scheduling speakers and website content all from one easy-to-use dashboard. Used by membership organisations and charities it is the one stop shop for events management. 

Powered by Preside

Eventfolio is powered by core Preside functions including the data manager, where event organisers can control their customer data, email marketing and website content. 

Easy system integration is a key benefit of Preside and delivers a highly personalised audience experience by unlocking the potential of customer data. Eventfolio can be integrated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software including Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce. Event data is automatically synced and updated, saving time spent on importing and exporting.


An intuitive event management system

In Eventfolio, a central dashboard allows organisers to manage ticketing, set pricing, monitor bookings and plan events.

This is also where event content can be created and managed across an entire website, helping inspire people to book and increase revenue.

Messaging and copy can be personalised and custom questions added for use in booking forms. 



Online event management

With online events becoming increasingly the norm, Zoom webinars can now be managed from within eventfolio. Delegate booking, schedule information and email confirmations can be managed in one place, along with URLs for attendees.

In September 2020 the Federation of Small Business used eventfolio for their annual sales conference. Live zoom webinars were housed in specially designed landing pages containing session information, day schedules and an event calendar.



Delivering a personalised event experience

The Preside CMS is available integrated with eventfolio - allowing for the quick creation of whole event websites or microsites. Once an event has been added to eventfolio it can be used to create splash pages in the Content Management System (CMS). Information can be dragged and dropped into pages to create compelling content that will inspire potential attendees.

When attendees login to their events website they get a personalised experience which can be based on their user profile, level of membership, previous attendance, ticket type, offers or any other rules that are defined.

Customers experience a seamless journey from website landing page to sign-up and aren’t taken to a third party website to complete their event registration. 

An event marketing ecosystem

Eventfolio has all of the tools needed to successfully market events, all year round. The email marketing tool helps marketers create hundreds of levels of personalisation through a few simple clicks. Each delegate receives custom emails based on who they are, their user journey, ticket-type and more in just a few simple clicks. Other digital marketing benefits include:

  • All attendee communications can be managed from one system
  • Historic attendee data can be saved and searched based on simple filters
  • Creation of repeat actions for repeat cycles
  • Development of customer marketing strategies 
  • Simple “if this then that” rule engines to build marketing automation 


Preside provides the building blocks of eventfolio, delivering a feature-rich reliable EMS that is being used by organisations across the UK.