What is Preside?

Preside is an open source cloud-ready platform which enables the rapid creation of powerful digital products.

Preside is an open source cloud-ready platform which enables the rapid creation of enterprise applications, websites, CRM, Customer Data platforms and SaaS applications. 

It is used by 100s of organisations to build their websites and by customer teams, and partners who use it as a base for their software needs. 

Extensive applications

With over 157,000 downloads to date, Preside is backed by four experienced partners and has been contributed to by a growing global community of developers. Preside runs on Java (JVM) and is used for:

  • Rapid and agile web development
  •  Bespoke platform and software development
  • Seamless web, CRM, email system integration
  •  Fully customisable CMS
  • Multilingual and multi-site content sites
  •  Upgrade-friendly site builds

Seamless system integration

With Preside you can develop websites that are fully integrated with Content Management Systems (CMS), Email Service Providers (ESP) and payment systems. Build intranets that consolidate functions, optimise processes and capture comprehensive data. Deliver seamless end-to-end user experiences for events management, e-learning, membership subscriptions and more.

Powerful personalisation

Preside allows you to create highly personalised customer journeys. Target website content to specific users, deliver precision marketing emails and ensure customers experience a seamless user journey, maximising conversion opportunities. 

Explore Preside's features, dive deeper into its functionality or discover great websites built on Preside.

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