Digital Experience Platform

Digital experience platforms (DXP) are software solutions designed to rapidly build websites, applications and portals.  

They provide development tools and prebuilt templates that allow organisations to create functional applications with little development experience.  

Their ultimate purpose? To deliver a seamless experience throughout the customer lifecycle across multiple touch points and digital channels.

DXPs combine and coordinate applications including content management, data management, personalisation, workflow, media asset management, analytics, search, mobile and multi-channel support. Organisations can sync data and easily add functionality through use of APIs. 

DXPs deliver significant benefits for both customers and organisations. They complement and optimise business processes - enabling employees to benefit from integrated and consistent processes - across an organisation from top to bottom.

Preside - a platform for success

Preside is an open source platform which comes with out-of-the-box and easy to install features which enable rapid development of rich digital experiences - with no specialist coding knowledge required.

These are supplemented by free extensions - allowing organisations to easily add single sign-on, email service providers, payment providers, Google Analytics integration and much more. Preside has all the building blocks and tools needed to develop a Digital Experience Platform tailored to specific requirements - at speed.

Why Open Source?

Cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence - key innovation in recent years has all occurred in open-source developer communities - just one benefit of the open source Preside platform:

  •  High-quality secure source code, stability & performance 
  • Low cost & low risk. Organisations aren’t tied to a single supplier
  •  Manage development in-house or through freely chosen IT service providers
  • Flexibility to integrate systems & configure bespoke solutions 
  • Optimise and streamline organisational processes through a single stable solution
  • Lower total cost of ownership

Preside - the ultimate Digital Experience Platform

Preside’s open source platform can help organisations grow their user base, improve their service offering and optimise their users’ experience. Here is what Preside delivers:

Agility & Flexibility

  • Preside’s open source nature: easy to use out of the box functions, easy to extend, reliable and flexible
  • Single-source, multi-channel publishing: organisations can boost productivity and efficiency by managing and editing content in a single place, but use it across multiple channels
  • Automated marketing: Preside can be used to empower marketers to create targeted and automated email marketing campaigns and website content

Powerful Personalisation

  • Easy integration of systems:  including CRM, CMS, payments & email gives a 360 view of individual customers
  • Rules-base personalisation:  tailor and target content across websites and email using the rules engine
  • Behavioural targeting:  Defining global groups and target the right content to the right audience

Comprehensive Content Experience:

  • API-driven approach: Preside uses REST API to deliver content by calling it anywhere, to offer seamless experience, instantaneously.
  • A CMS full of feature rich widgets: which can be targeted at users using the rule engine
  • Free email centre and formbuilder: templates which can be tailored and targeted, data can be integrated with CRM 
  • Create once, publish many times: create resources, manage assets and control where content appears and who sees it using conditional rules

Insightful Analytics

  • Integration with leading web analytics software: Google Analytics, Google Tagmanager, and Matomo Analytics (a leading open source web analytics software)
  • Reporting: Admins can easily set up reporting parameters and download reports 
  • Data Ownership & Privacy Protection: Data can be stored on an organisation’s own servers, making the collection of analytical data and its processing fully secure