The Preside platform was built by developers for developers. Our goal is to sustain an ecosystem that empowers developers to rapidly develop applications without cutting corners and to nuture a professional community that is there to help and guide.

Download / Getting started

Preside is an open source platform written in CFML using the ColdBox MVC framework. Being a Java app it will run on almost any operating system and webserver.

The easiest way to get started is via CommandBox. Follow the quick start guide to get up and running in minutes. The only pre-requisites you will need are CommandBox and a running MySQL or MariaDB database server.

If you'd like to explore the source code and get stuck in, you can find the project hosted on github. You'll want to read our guide to working with the raw repository before getting started but we strongly recommend that you do not start here if you are unfamilliar with how the system fits together.

Find out more about building Preside locally.

Adding extensions 

Preside comes with a wealth of features already baked in, but there are tens of free open source extensions you can easily install which will extend its functionality even more.

If you're using Command Box then you'll find most of them on the ForgeBox website, then its simply a case of picking one. 

For example, the Rest API extension easily allows you to expose your data objects to 3rd parties via a rest API, all with auto documentation.

To install with commandbox, issue the following command from the root of your preside application:

box install preside-ext-data-api


Help & Documentation

For full technical documentation, example code and how to guides, visit our dedicated documentation site

We have a very active community on Slack with over 200 fellow developers, so do come and join in.


Technical articles

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