12 Oct 2020


This pair of websites is the continuation of 15 years working with the Wiltshire Cricket Board. The 2019 relaunch of the sites (with a move to Preside) reflects the separation of concerns between representative county cricket and the general recreational game.


Preside's multiple site feature allows for two distinct sites, which have their own distinct features and data while also sharing other content.

Preside also makes it easy to schedule syncing of data from an external source - in this case, fixtures and results from the central England Cricket Board website, PlayCricket. The sites also feature comprehensive search via the ElasticSearch extension.



Visit the Wiltshire Country Cricket Club website

Seb Duggan

Preside developer

Seb is a Senior Developer at Pixl8 Group. He is responsible for the development of various Pixl8 products including the Preside platform. In his spare time he helps his favourite cricket club Wiltshire reach their supporters by using the latest Preside-based website technology.