24 Jul 2023
Dom Watson

PresideCon 2023 Wrap up

PresideCon 2023 is well and truly wrapped up. A month on, what have the Pixl8 product team been up to with regards to what was discussed?

Once again, a huge thanks to everyone who helped out and turned up to PresideCon - it was really reinvigorating and a pleasure seeing everyone's faces. We thought we'd post an update on what the Pixl8 product team has been up to since the conference, especially with regards to what was discussed in terms of our community ambition. You'll also find videos of all the talks, but only if you read all the way till the end ;)

Community forum

We have created a new discourse instance at https://community.preside.org/. We hope to move away from Slack and have our conversations persistent and be able to better coordinate collaboration efforts, etc. Please do raise tech questions there rather than Slack. We will continue to encourage our own team members to do so and hope to start some collaborative discussions soon.

Newsletters & articles

We have setup a newsletter! In addition, the product team are including the preparation and release of the newsletter into our monthly(ish) sprints in an effort to make sure we keep posting. As part of that, we will be pushing internally for a spread of articles to include. If you'd like to guest write, please also send us a link to your article and we'll get it included. Hopefully by PresideCon 2024, we will all be newsletter pros :)

JIRA backlog

We have finally setup a sync between our public JIRA and our product team's internal JIRA. Before this, the team was always creating and releasing a double set of tickets. This was both inefficient but also led to a lot of "invisible" tickets lingering in the public JIRA.

As part of the sync, we have closed off any tickets over three years old. We realise this is rather harsh, but the sheer volume meant doing this gives us a more realistic chance of getting on top of relevant tickets that matter. If you find one of your tickets closed and you really think it is both relevant and worth looking into, please re-open it - nothing personal!

Getting on top of the backlog is going to take some time, so please bear with us on that.

PresideCon Videos

As promised, Steve has been busy downloading, editing and posting our talks to our YouTube channel. Here they are in all their glory!