19 Apr 2017
Alex Skinner

Into the box Preside workshop

Outline of our workshop for the into the box conference

Pixl8 are pleased to be teaching a one day workshop for Into The Box 2017 for the Preside platform on Wednesday April 26th https://www.intothebox.org/#sessions

 We'll be covering a large number of topics in detail and this will be aimed at getting people up and running with the platform and all it has to offer, not just content management!


  • Commandbox installed
  • Preside commands installed https://github.com/pixl8/Preside-CMS-CommandBox-Commands
  • Preferrably MySQL installed though you can at your option use SQL Server or Postgres



Checking prerequisites and ensuring everyone is ready

General Overview (1hr)

  • What it is and where its used
  • Getting started
  • Using commandbox commands to build new sites
  • Core behaviour
  • Site tree + Page types
  • Widgets
  • Asset management & derivatives
  • Preside objects & data manager
  • Tenancy
  • i18n
  • Extending Preside
    • Install extensions
    • Starwars


  • Meet others in the class
  • Checking prerequisites

30 Minute coffee break

Topics to be covered in detail (dependent on demand)

  • Content management deep-dive
  • Working with sticker asset inclusion framework
  • Rules engine
  • Task manager
  • Building restful services
  • Marketing automation
    • Email service
    • Personalisation
    • Rules and personas
  • Form builder
  • Building custom applications with objects
  • Building extensions with cascading inheritance
  • Building subscription based sites
  • Multi-lingual capabilities