15 Jun 2018

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New Features and improvements

[PRESIDECMS-52] - Create a 'view only' screen for data manager objects
[PRESIDECMS-225] - Ability to pick focal point in uploaded images
[PRESIDECMS-1022] - Task manager: add ability to create ad-hoc tasks with re-usable view/url to view logs
[PRESIDECMS-1024] - Ability to view sent email content and resend it
[PRESIDECMS-1028] - Set crop hints on image assets
[PRESIDECMS-1080] - Make datamanager "fully" customizable per object
[PRESIDECMS-1126] - Add a tree view for datamanager records that are hierarchical
[PRESIDECMS-1140] - no i18n of modal buttons possible - cancel & ok
[PRESIDECMS-1225] - Rebrand PresideCMS to Preside
[PRESIDECMS-1246] - Hard code values moved to i18n
[PRESIDECMS-1251] - Hard code values moved to i18n
[PRESIDECMS-268] - Export datagrid data
[PRESIDECMS-749] - spaces in @datamanagerGridFields brings up error
[PRESIDECMS-756] - Upgrade to ColdBox 4
[PRESIDECMS-809] - autoGenerateFilterExpressions should work on multiple levels
[PRESIDECMS-833] - Update the data manager page icon from puzzle piece to database icon
[PRESIDECMS-884] - Auto email on token expiry
[PRESIDECMS-906] - Extensions should be able to be packaged as coldbox modules
[PRESIDECMS-926] - Asset manager: add feature to limit image resolution in a folder
[PRESIDECMS-931] - REST: General API manager with authentication
[PRESIDECMS-960] - Admin CSRF Protection: ability to turn off / configure timeout
[PRESIDECMS-962] - Caching: improve page level and viewlet caching APIs
[PRESIDECMS-990] - Email Centre "Send log" change to "Sent log"
[PRESIDECMS-999] - Extend link picker to directly link to assets
[PRESIDECMS-1001] - Add setting to have NO db sync at all
[PRESIDECMS-1045] - Performance: selectData() et al, doing too much on every request, could cache more work
[PRESIDECMS-1048] - Task manager task running checks cancel each other out in a cluster
[PRESIDECMS-1060] - Add more configurable datasource options for injected datasources
[PRESIDECMS-1066] - Improved embedding of Open Sans font for admin
[PRESIDECMS-1073] - Versioning: create initial version on update record when no version already exists
[PRESIDECMS-1074] - Versioning: allow configuration to only create versions on update
[PRESIDECMS-1086] - Deleting pages with multiple children.
[PRESIDECMS-1090] - Allow taskmanager tasks to be switchable by feature flag
[PRESIDECMS-1103] - Create a debugging tool for i18n - allow developers to toggle and view raw URIs rather than transations
[PRESIDECMS-1121] - Hide edit and copy button for spacer to avoid confuse that these buttons are malfunction
[PRESIDECMS-1122] - Add timeout field for task job
[PRESIDECMS-1123] - Upgrade CKEditor to latest 4 series
[PRESIDECMS-1133] - Formbuilder checkbox: make whether or not checked by default a configuration option
[PRESIDECMS-1134] - Select formula fields in addition to "all" fields in selectData()
[PRESIDECMS-1135] - Allow "hidden" fields to be specified for grid listing, and pass whole record to each property renderer
[PRESIDECMS-1138] - Query Caching: allow setting per-application and per-request defaults
[PRESIDECMS-1161] - DataManager: move gridActions customization before decorateRecords
[PRESIDECMS-1163] - Support 'reply-to' and 'fail-to' in email sending
[PRESIDECMS-1164] - Auto-redirect moved pages
[PRESIDECMS-1165] - Objects should be allowed to not have datecreated or datemodified dates
[PRESIDECMS-1166] - Make asset file type icons consistent
[PRESIDECMS-1167] - Update to latest Sticker and implement new features
[PRESIDECMS-1187] - Date *time* picker: add relativeTo/from fields as with date picker
[PRESIDECMS-1194] - requests identified as BOTs should be prevented from accessing the ADMIN
[PRESIDECMS-1195] - Tenancy: allow to ignore tenancy on specific selectData calls
[PRESIDECMS-1196] - Full Page Caching: delay rendering of Sticker includes
[PRESIDECMS-1203] - remove '--force' in dev console history
[PRESIDECMS-1206] - Add Preside favicon to admin login screen
[PRESIDECMS-1217] - Allow autoincrementing IDs with versioning when version on insert is off
[PRESIDECMS-1226] - Configure ckEditor autoParagraph
[PRESIDECMS-1231] - Add a useCache option to object pickers
[PRESIDECMS-1234] - Improve performance and UX around notifications (limiting numbers in database, and so on)
[PRESIDECMS-1239] - Asset browser picker
[PRESIDECMS-1243] - Ability to specify which field to sort and order for object manager exported data by default
[PRESIDECMS-1247] - Remove redundant output=false on core components
[PRESIDECMS-1248] - Email prep/sending: all custom logic should have access to details of the template being prepared
[PRESIDECMS-1257] - Add "slug" method to the core field generators
[PRESIDECMS-1259] - Use fixed javaloader version as dependency to avoid unwanted surprises
[PRESIDECMS-1267] - Links: add ability to set rel="nofolow"
[PRESIDECMS-1268] - Richeditor image captions: constrain width to the width of the image

Bug fixes

[PRESIDECMS-291] - DB version hash is not being calculated / calculated differently on different machines
[PRESIDECMS-295] - Dirty form protection: raises alert when navigating away from page and form has not changed
[PRESIDECMS-461] - Disabling data manager operations on multilingual object does not work completely
[PRESIDECMS-556] - SyncManyToManyData: does not set versions for versioned parent objects
[PRESIDECMS-584] - ImageMagick resize: when set to not maintain aspect ratio, image is not being resized exactly to dimensions
[PRESIDECMS-609] - Dynamic defaults are populating form controls
[PRESIDECMS-615] - Preside toolbar doesn't allow for background image on body element
[PRESIDECMS-660] - UTF-8 characters not recognized in form xml definition file
[PRESIDECMS-674] - Admin language auto-detection problem
[PRESIDECMS-782] - Imagemagick struggles when image is smaller than expected
[PRESIDECMS-829] - SQL Schema sync: lots of "cannot drop foreign key" messages
[PRESIDECMS-843] - Quickadd does not trigger a refresh of object pickers that filter on it
[PRESIDECMS-850] - When reinstated, deprecated columns do not update to the new property definition
[PRESIDECMS-886] - Tenancy: allow supply of specific tenant to override request tenant (was: Buildlink to another site doesn't create url)
[PRESIDECMS-892] - Data manager export does not work because of missing Javaloader
[PRESIDECMS-898] - Site tree: If a page cannot have sub pages, it should not have option to sort children
[PRESIDECMS-899] - Saving records and bypassing versioning: latest version(s) should get updated
[PRESIDECMS-908] - Layout for new pages is empty (should have a default value)
[PRESIDECMS-936] - Rules engine editors: deal with no longer valid expressions better
[PRESIDECMS-965] - Star rating form control doesn't change display according to number of stars set in config
[PRESIDECMS-988] - Wirebox AOP: remove support for it due to stability issues with approach & Lucee
[PRESIDECMS-1019] - Datatables: sometimes the loading of data via ajax is not triggered so looks like no records
[PRESIDECMS-1020] - Datatable filters: saved filter (not favourited) choices not persisted across requests
[PRESIDECMS-1030] - Missing modules produce a 500 error, should be 404
[PRESIDECMS-1040] - Lowercase problem in datamanager object overview
[PRESIDECMS-1047] - an option where user can save changes the page and continue without go back to sitetree
[PRESIDECMS-1068] - Some data exports timeout (form builder, regular data manager objects)
[PRESIDECMS-1072] - Searching in grid listings fail sometimes if using formula fields
[PRESIDECMS-1077] - SQLSchema upgrade script: uses hardcoded Now() when updating the schema verion table
[PRESIDECMS-1078] - String concatanation in DB does not work with MsSql2012
[PRESIDECMS-1079] - Object picker fails when label field is not called label in MSSQL
[PRESIDECMS-1089] - Datamanager order by fails for many-to-one related fields when multiple relationships to the same object
[PRESIDECMS-1101] - 500 error on asset cropping due to typo on variable name
[PRESIDECMS-1108] - An error occurs if using an ad-hoc task and no site context for tasks has been specified
[PRESIDECMS-1109] - Asset manager: deletion of an asset can cascade to pages that use it as 'main image'
[PRESIDECMS-1116] - MSSQL - Cascading SET NULL causes problems
[PRESIDECMS-1118] - "One-to-many has" rules engine filter does not work when using "does not have"
[PRESIDECMS-1120] - regression bug: file uploads within preside object forms
[PRESIDECMS-1131] - View history screen: breaks with more than 10 version records
[PRESIDECMS-1137] - Caches throughout the application vulnerable to errors due to lack of LOCAL scope when return value can be null
[PRESIDECMS-1157] - DataManager writes complete binary of uploaded files to audit
[PRESIDECMS-1158] - Batch operations on formbuilder submission log do not work
[PRESIDECMS-1159] - Rebuild & Resend email fails if there is no recipient ID
[PRESIDECMS-1162] - Single record view involving object with many-to-many relationship to pagetypes
[PRESIDECMS-1168] - Page history button not working
[PRESIDECMS-1171] - Not possible to de-select a group from the site tree permission management
[PRESIDECMS-1185] - Datamanager Admin Permissions to select data in ajax requests form controls
[PRESIDECMS-1188] - Take folder permissions into account when using assets in the Preside Admin
[PRESIDECMS-1190] - EnumLabel renderer fails if args.data is numeric
[PRESIDECMS-1207] - Website user manager subtitle includes "(subtitle)"
[PRESIDECMS-1208] - Email Centre tracks mailto links
[PRESIDECMS-1209] - Email Centre click back versions
[PRESIDECMS-1213] - UI design issue while select French language:
[PRESIDECMS-1214] - i18 issue in Global notifications configuration:
[PRESIDECMS-1215] - Broken SQL Query when creating an own LabelRenderer
[PRESIDECMS-1218] - Missing child count key from editpage.cfm
[PRESIDECMS-1219] - Timeout occurs if changing download restrictions on some asset manager folders
[PRESIDECMS-1222] - Site tree : i18n label issue on CMS edit page permission
[PRESIDECMS-1223] - Dirty form checker doesn't see changes in rich editor fields
[PRESIDECMS-1227] - Listing table batch delete: confirmation dialog makes selections get deselected (batch delete does not then work)
[PRESIDECMS-1229] - SQL Server: string concatenation fails with some data types
[PRESIDECMS-1235] - Formbuilder - form not found after reload forms
[PRESIDECMS-1240] - Admin language choice: gets reset to English for the user on application reload (regardless of whether English is an option)
[PRESIDECMS-1241] - Custom Maintenance Mode page not being shown
[PRESIDECMS-1242] - Enum select validator: does not work with multiple=true for values
[PRESIDECMS-1245] - Cookie cleanup logic: fails when in a dummy request (i.e. in an SMTP request)
[PRESIDECMS-1249] - Denied asset download in admin possible under specific circumstances
[PRESIDECMS-1250] - siteTreeService.getPagesForNavigationMenu - some fields not returned
[PRESIDECMS-1253] - Custom object picker in link picker form get disabled from first load
[PRESIDECMS-1254] - Missing modules - issue introduced with merge
[PRESIDECMS-1255] - label value doesn't show properly in Scheduled task configuration page
[PRESIDECMS-1261] - PDF preview generated badly by imagemagick
[PRESIDECMS-1264] - Admin security: admin able to be served in an iframe on separate domains
[PRESIDECMS-1266] - Datamanager viewVersion permission not checked