4 Feb 2017

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Bug fixes

[PRESIDECMS-752] - Editing pages: Save draft button at top of page is dangerous and confusing
[PRESIDECMS-735] - Expression Error: Missing parameter adapter to function...
[PRESIDECMS-736] - Admin bar notifications menu: padding removed
[PRESIDECMS-737] - Localization is broken if debugging is enabled
[PRESIDECMS-753] - NULLABLE Unique indexes + auto validation: validation blocks valid null input

More on the publish draft UX change

When viewing the edit page for a draft sitetree page in the back-office, the user was presented with two buttons above the page's form fields: "Publish draft" and "Discard changes". The "Publish draft" button would simply publish the previously saved draft regardless of whether the admin user made any further changes to the form.

This meant that a content editor could spend a good deal of time crafting some changes and, upon hitting the "Publish draft" button, irreversably lose their hard work.

To stop this from happening, this button has been removed completely. The publish changes / save draft changes buttons at the bottom of the page can be used for saving changes.