15 Jun 2016

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The 10.6.2 Release fixes some issues around X-Frames-Options (a security feature added in 10.6.0) and fixes sorting custom grid fields in site tree page grids. Thanks to Nelson Chuah for pointing out and fixing serious issue with X-Frames-Options setting in pages.

All users of v10.6.0 and v10.6.1 should upgrade.

Bug Fixes

[PRESIDECMS-426] - Sort order in "managed pages" data grid does not work
[PRESIDECMS-427] - "Same Origin Only" can't be selected for Iframe Restriction field
[PRESIDECMS-429] - Setting X-Frames-Options header multiple times builds up a list, rather than explicitly sets the variable
[PRESIDECMS-430] - X-Frames-Opetions header being set for stateless requests