26 May 2016

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The 10.6.0 release is finally here and brings a raft of bug fixes and improvements including a new super multi-file upload process and support for ImageMagick image processing. As ever, thanks to all our contributers for pushing the code forward and a special thanks to the team at Mitrahsoft for their many contributions in this release.


Multi-upload process

We've completely overhauled the UX for the multi upload process to allow CMS editors to rapidly upload many files at once. Rather than attempt to describe it with screenshots and words, we've created a quick video :)



The new "multi-applications" feature allows developers to create multiple admin application interfaces in the system's backend. Checkout the video below for a better explanation and read the guide to developing multi-applications for an in-depth guide.



You can now configure your Preside applications to use ImageMagick for image processing, rather than the native cfimage tags. This has performance and flexibility benefits. In the admin, head over to System -> Settings -> Asset manager to configure Image Magick settings:

Full changelog

New Features and enhancements

[PRESIDECMS-45] - While assets loading into view in asset manager, loading sheen should display
[PRESIDECMS-227] - Display system information
[PRESIDECMS-284] - Visual indication between live and staging environments
[PRESIDECMS-313] - Add configuration options to use ImageMagick rather than native CFIMAGE
[PRESIDECMS-331] - Create a "Application navigator" in the admin
[PRESIDECMS-333] - Translation Status column in preside object list
[PRESIDECMS-341] - Implement 2 Step authentication with Google Authenticator
[PRESIDECMS-342] - Update admin CSS templates & Font awesome libraries
[PRESIDECMS-350] - Relative Date in Formbuilder should allow +/- X days/weeks/months
[PRESIDECMS-360] - renderLabel() should be able lookup records on any field (default by ID)
[PRESIDECMS-366] - Dynamic form
[PRESIDECMS-368] - Add helper method for getting a link's URL (by link ID)
[PRESIDECMS-374] - Improve the workflow of uploading multiple assets
[PRESIDECMS-375] - In Quick add form, "Add another" should not appear for single record pickers
[PRESIDECMS-381] - Allow settings to be injected through environment variables
[PRESIDECMS-389] - Performance: restrict use of getModel() and use injected services instead
[PRESIDECMS-390] - Performance: improve cache call perf with a simple request cache facade
[PRESIDECMS-391] - Preside object views should be take caching arguments
[PRESIDECMS-406] - Allow heading tags to be targeted for auto style extraction in CKEditor

Bug Fixes

[PRESIDECMS-48] - Cookie encryption error
[PRESIDECMS-137] - Join tables requires sort_order field
[PRESIDECMS-220] - Passing an empty ID to selectData, etc. makes for no filter
[PRESIDECMS-252] - Access Restriction Management visible in Asset Manager without enabled Website Users
[PRESIDECMS-262] - SQL Schema sync script: only generate scripts that are needed
[PRESIDECMS-310] - Content translations: Language code too restrictive
[PRESIDECMS-339] - Dropdown's in main navigation should work out-of-the-box
[PRESIDECMS-344] - The pagging on datamanager doesn't work well
[PRESIDECMS-351] - Permissions checks are case sensitive: make that not so!
[PRESIDECMS-353] - Bulk selection of individual records does not work
[PRESIDECMS-354] - Ctrl + C in a backend page impossible where "Cancel" shortcut is "C"
[PRESIDECMS-355] - System page types assume viewlet in specific location even if a handler is used
[PRESIDECMS-361] - Security service attempts cross object lookup and does not use property name
[PRESIDECMS-364] - Notification Center still shows badge if notification is deleted
[PRESIDECMS-367] - Formbuilder: datepicker without relative dates causes js errors
[PRESIDECMS-369] - Layout is not changing issue
[PRESIDECMS-370] - Exception occurs if setting the default log level to "debug"
[PRESIDECMS-377] - Link generated in website welcome email
[PRESIDECMS-383] - adding sortorder in a preside object does not sort the fields in the form
[PRESIDECMS-392] - sitetree data grid sort error
[PRESIDECMS-393] - Data manager: grid breaks when label field for object is a many-to-one property
[PRESIDECMS-395] - NULL (empty) values in filter producing incorrect SQL
[PRESIDECMS-403] - extraFilters and savedFilters not used in relationship calculation