17 Dec 2015

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The 10.4.0 release introduces some UI improvements, a BETA REST API platform and a number of bugfixes. Huge thanks to all the contributers that have helped keep momentum up in our last release of the year :)

Specific thanks to Gladys Fabie for providing the first cut of the French translation for the CMS admin interface and Niall O'Doherty, CFMitrah, Joseph Buarao and Choon Tat Cheng for their contributions to this release.

Documentation fixes and backlog

[PRESIDECMS-260] - Preside Super Class: Document requirement of init()
[PRESIDECMS-261] - Document Asset Manager

New and updated documentation can be found at the following links:

New Features and improvements

French translation of the admin interface (no JIRA, an ongoing job). This is a first cut release to get us in a really good place for the French translation going forward.

[PRESIDECMS-224] - Provide a way for storage providers to be configured in asset manager
[PRESIDECMS-230] - Time picker control
[PRESIDECMS-241] - Asset Manager folder view with thumbnails
[PRESIDECMS-246] - Adding configurable class option to form controls
[PRESIDECMS-254] - Create foundation of REST platform
[PRESIDECMS-38] - Add ability to preconfigure named image sizes in inline image insertion
[PRESIDECMS-236] - Show more info in update manager about latest release
[PRESIDECMS-247] - Improve asset manager recycle bin implementation

Bug fixes

[PRESIDECMS-219] - Enable option to bypass the JS mailto href antispam output
[PRESIDECMS-243] - Asset derivative and version files are not deleted / soft deleted when deleting asset in manager
[PRESIDECMS-250] - Asset Manager Root Folder Label initially not displayed correctly