17 Nov 2015

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The 10.3.3 release has been focused on developer productivity, documentation and performance. We've also shipped a handful of new and missing features and improvements. This release sees a record number of contributers from the community too so big thanks to all those involved!

We should also give a big shout out to folk who have been raising bugs and ideas and also helping get the administrator translations underway! Big thanks to Gladys Fabie, Michael Hnat, Martin Schaible and Jan Jannek.

Full list of completed issues

New Features and improvements

[PRESIDECMS-61] - Core widget: javascript snippet
[PRESIDECMS-62] - Core widget: iframe
[PRESIDECMS-126] - Richeditor: Allow configuring of top, right, bottom and top margin on images
[PRESIDECMS-179] - Recycle bin area for asset manager
[PRESIDECMS-218] - Locale picker required for admin
[PRESIDECMS-111] - Allow CMS users to define "access to all logged in users" permissions on pages and assets
[PRESIDECMS-115] - Strip file extension from file name when saving into asset manager
[PRESIDECMS-122] - Asset Manager "Date Modified" Column
[PRESIDECMS-177] - Show maintenance message instead of 'app is starting up' error message
[PRESIDECMS-184] - Workflow system should use cookie rather than session for non-logged in users
[PRESIDECMS-186] - Configurable key for showing developer console
[PRESIDECMS-191] - Improve scaffolding capabilities
[PRESIDECMS-194] - Convert build to use box.json
[PRESIDECMS-196] - Configurable css classes on navigation viewlets
[PRESIDECMS-198] - Move Apache Tika features into an extension
[PRESIDECMS-201] - ACF Compatibility: Create custom tag for preside object views
[PRESIDECMS-207] - Add getSystemPageID function
[PRESIDECMS-222] - Application reloads should be handled better


Bug fixes

[PRESIDECMS-14] - Page type picker layout is fugly with longish page type names
[PRESIDECMS-86] - There is scrollable white space underneath the footer of all page
[PRESIDECMS-162] - Boolean renderer goes "missing" sometimes, requiring a reload
[PRESIDECMS-187] - Multiple asset upload: title of file getting brought over to next asset in wizard
[PRESIDECMS-188] - Edit page layout borked when translations available
[PRESIDECMS-189] - Translations translating before translation is complete
[PRESIDECMS-192] - 500 error navigating from edit homepage back to tree
[PRESIDECMS-197] - Setting empty cookie causes Tomcat to log errors
[PRESIDECMS-203] - Asset manager does not consistently check admin permissions...
[PRESIDECMS-205] - Memory usage of Preside Object Service excessively high
[PRESIDECMS-211] - DataManager not referring to @labelField if specified
[PRESIDECMS-212] - Session ending technique throws 500 error in some setups
[PRESIDECMS-217] - Asset image dimensions not updated when switching asset versions



[PRESIDECMS-204] - Create a contributing guide