23 Apr 2024

Minor enhancements

PRESIDECMS-2676 use inspectTemplates\(\) instead of SystemCacheClear\( "template" \);
PRESIDECMS-2825 Display system alert using info cards and tabs
PRESIDECMS-2841 File download access control

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2168 CurrentDateBetween expression excludes the dateTo date
PRESIDECMS-2175 Missing 'LoggedInUser' generator
PRESIDECMS-2231 Foreign Key Multiple Cascade Issue In Formbuilder\_Form Table With MSSQL DB
PRESIDECMS-2450 event.getClientIp\(\) - not using x-forwarded-for
PRESIDECMS-2822 Asset download: Inline documents get 301 redirect rather than 302
PRESIDECMS-2834 Missing placeholder in spinner form control
PRESIDECMS-2840 Files uploaded via formbuilder form could be downloaded by public