25 Jul 2023

Bug fixes

PRESIDECMS-2569 Invalid rule engine system alert didn't triggered
PRESIDECMS-2654 Missing admin permission check for system alert
PRESIDECMS-2656 Dependabot alerts: tough-cookie Prototype Pollution vulnerability
PRESIDECMS-2657 Missing admin permission key for link menu item
PRESIDECMS-2658 Empty border box render when no tab available for enhanced data manger
PRESIDECMS-2659 Saved export access role not able to access saved export history
PRESIDECMS-2660 showNonLiveContent\(\) - don't do try/catch for checking the variable exists
PRESIDECMS-2661 Object with tenancy getting empty tenancy ID for filter
PRESIDECMS-2662 Use non-Google URL for ReCaptcha
PRESIDECMS-2663 Performance: find and replace techniques for delayed rendering, etc. could be optimized
PRESIDECMS-2664 Navigate permission key didn't include in the default operations
PRESIDECMS-2665 Slow performance on email logs when use filter