19 Jun 2023


The Preside 10.24 release is here! Plenty of small improvements for users and developers alike.  Check out our release video and notes below.

New features and improvements

PRESIDECMS-2460 URL redirects preserve query string option
PRESIDECMS-2524 Ability to pre-populate formbuilder fields
PRESIDECMS-2526 Icon picker
PRESIDECMS-2529 System email variants
PRESIDECMS-2534 Make addBreadcrumb methods smarter with position argument
PRESIDECMS-2535 Improve admin user group role picker
PRESIDECMS-2538 DB migration helper to check deprecated column
PRESIDECMS-2547 SelectData: Support Lucee's ability to return array of structs, etc.
PRESIDECMS-2556 Bring better datamanager record view extension into core
PRESIDECMS-2558 Update branding

Other links



Links to new documentation for various release features:

More to follow over the next day or so.