12 May 2023

10.23.0 Release

The 10.23.0 release is a small release containing several new features and some other improvements.

As part of a drive towards improved performance, a significant change has been made to the way aggregate functions are handled in formula fields. Increased performance for all aggregate formula fields is achieved via a new syntax, e.g. formula="agg:count{ my_object.id }". Existing COUNT formula fields will automatically use this new optimisation; other aggregate functions will require explicit updating. More information is available in the documentation.

Among the other new features are the ability to clear individual caches from the developer console, and a new helper function firstNonEmptyString(), which when given a number of arguments will return the first which is a non-empty string value.

See the issues listed below for full details of what's included in this release.

New features and improvements

PRESIDECMS-2447 Option to only generate and send scheduled exports if at least one result
PRESIDECMS-2469 Performance boost for count formula fields
PRESIDECMS-2488 Select option title attribute
PRESIDECMS-2490 Ability to clean email view online content automatically
PRESIDECMS-2504 Add firstNonEmptyString() helper function
PRESIDECMS-2505 Using aggregate in orderBy does not generate table joins
PRESIDECMS-2516 Add "cache clear cachename" command to devtools
PRESIDECMS-2519 Get latest Sticker with micro optimisation to prevent needless cfc instantiations every request