19 Oct 2015

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The 10.2.3 release contains a raft of bugfixes, UI improvements to the site tree editing experience and an overhaul of the documentation, including a Dash docs build.

New Features and improvements

[PRESIDECMS-154] - Enhancement on main/sub menu
[PRESIDECMS-23] - Create DASH docs build
[PRESIDECMS-144] - Site Tree - Improve nagivation of tree when editing pages, etc.
[PRESIDECMS-170] - Extensions should be able to register custom helpers
[PRESIDECMS-172] - Create service layer mixin to allow service CFCs to more easily get at common preside features (system settings, etc.)
[PRESIDECMS-185] - Not all arguments available to preparefilter intercept for preside object filters

Bug fixes

[PRESIDECMS-146] - Edited content can lead to losing data when clicking on navigation
[PRESIDECMS-152] - DataManagerService _propertyIsSearchable() causes problems for properties with no maxlength attribute
[PRESIDECMS-165] - Notifications: difference in code sending data to createNotification method of the notification service causing loss of values
[PRESIDECMS-167] - Adding an Image to large for a richeditor errors incorrectly.
[PRESIDECMS-168] - Query to get homepage in siteTreeService is very slow for largish site trees
[PRESIDECMS-169] - Query to get system page types can be slowish on largish site trees
[PRESIDECMS-173] - Gravatar image in admin should use SSL when admin served over https
[PRESIDECMS-174] - Need better error message when visiting a site with the wrong domain
[PRESIDECMS-175] - Richeditor: attachment picker does not auto populate link with asset title
[PRESIDECMS-176] - Custom /app mapping breaks the preside console 'new' commands
[PRESIDECMS-178] - Datamanager: Version history table has 500 error for ajax dataset
[PRESIDECMS-181] - Error logs not showing