29 Sep 2015

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A minor feature release, 10.2.2 brings Password policies, permissionable admin notifications, URL rewrites and a raft of bug fixes.

New Features and improvements

[PRESIDECMS-127] - Enhancement to link pickers with cutpasted urls
[PRESIDECMS-143] - Integrate URL rewrites extension into core
[PRESIDECMS-121] - Allow adminsitrators to configure password policies
[PRESIDECMS-147] - Set default image quality to "High performance"
[PRESIDECMS-151] - Interceptor postInsertObjectData()
[PRESIDECMS-156] - Provide a clean way for sites to register custom validators
[PRESIDECMS-157] - Make admin notifications permissionable

Bug fixes

[PRESIDECMS-138] - Hide trashed pages from sitetree activePageFilter
[PRESIDECMS-142] - Non sysadmin users are not able to edit Asset folder permissions
[PRESIDECMS-155] - Readonly formcontrol renderer should escape HTML, etc.
[PRESIDECMS-158] - Missing postRenderSiteTreePage and preRenderSiteTreePage in config.cfc
[PRESIDECMS-159] - Application reloads lock all other sites in a server from being reloaded
[PRESIDECMS-161] - Thoroughly configure fields in core preside objects to ignore re versioning
[PRESIDECMS-164] - System -> Settings page, icons are all different widths