2 Jul 2015

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10.2.0 brings the ability for admin users to impersonate website users and other minor improvements and bug fixes.

New Features and improvements

[PRESIDECMS-75] - Create datetime picker control
[PRESIDECMS-97] - CMS administrators should be able to impersonate web users
[PRESIDECMS-53] - Output preside version + build number in admin footer
[PRESIDECMS-76] - .pptx icon needed for asset manager
[PRESIDECMS-68] - Date/time picker for embargo dates on pages
[PRESIDECMS-73] - One-to-many control: Control allowed operations of many data
[PRESIDECMS-74] - Administrators should be able to set web user passwords through the admin
[PRESIDECMS-95] - validateForm() should allow devs to pass an existing validationResult

Bug fixes

[PRESIDECMS-66] - Move linkpicker target field to basic properties tab
[PRESIDECMS-67] - Double widget header
[PRESIDECMS-69] - multilingual not working with event.getPageProperty
[PRESIDECMS-71] - Page picker: shows pages that have been deleted
[PRESIDECMS-77] - Versioning system crashes with objects that have lots of fields
[PRESIDECMS-84] - One to many control: Add record button not appearing
[PRESIDECMS-85] - Stop feature switches on sitetree and asset related preside objects: too impossible
[PRESIDECMS-88] - User IP in audit log table is not big enough