19 Aug 2022

Developer features and improvements

[PRESIDECMS-2343] Add SELECT UNION functionality to presideObjectService
[PRESIDECMS-1566] Database migrations: framework for performing and tracking one-time database migrations at startup
[PRESIDECMS-2327] add a preRenderQuickAddRecordForm and postRenderQuickAddRecordForm datamanager customization
[PRESIDECMS-2310] Render enum label helper
[PRESIDECMS-2369] Greater than and lesser than core validators
[PRESIDECMS-2356] Formbuilder deleted submission files deletion
[PRESIDECMS-2350] Email click tracking: turn on link shortening by default
[PRESIDECMS-2340] Formbuilder audit log
[PRESIDECMS-2319] Report startup time in log output

Performance improvements

[PRESIDECMS-2315] Rules engine relationship rules: convert to use EXISTS subqueries rather than subquery joins
[PRESIDECMS-2328] Data Export: Poor performance