07 Feb 2022


[PRESIDECMS-2264] ContentRendererService renderLabel render Id for noLabel objects
[PRESIDECMS-2258] Back button and refresh to remember grid paging

Bug fixes

[PRESIDECMS-2271] margins for topRightButtons are wrong
[PRESIDECMS-2269] Setting up an alternative homepage renders alternative site inaccessible
[PRESIDECMS-2268] Parent folder icon regression in asset manager
[PRESIDECMS-2267] Object translation error when creating translations contain specific record condition rule
[PRESIDECMS-2265] UberSelect value clearing after filterBy - revisited
[PRESIDECMS-2262] Auto redirect check error when sites feature disabled
[PRESIDECMS-2261] Auto filter expressions role limit doesn't work for some objects
[PRESIDECMS-2260] Formbuilder V1 response does not render after V2 is enabled
[PRESIDECMS-2259] Multilingual addLanguageClauseToTranslationJoins breaking when joining to selectDataView
[PRESIDECMS-2255] Extending forms can sometimes throw 500 error
[PRESIDECMS-2253] OneToManyConfigurator control edit links should URL-encode query params
[PRESIDECMS-2232] Stats filter for system email doesn't work
[PRESIDECMS-2224] pasteFromWordDisallow isn't working anymore \(ckeditor\)