12 Mar 2021


[PRESIDECMS-2074] - RenderLink allow aria attributes

Bug fixes

[PRESIDECMS-2095] - Display issue with custom label renderers containing span in object picker
[PRESIDECMS-2092] - Issue with merging object definitions with site template specifications
[PRESIDECMS-2075] - MSSQL problem with autosyncDb=True and ForeignKeys while upgrading to Preside V10.14.4
[PRESIDECMS-2071] - Quick add modal add another overlay with form field
[PRESIDECMS-2011] - Choosen selected is not being cleared on "Add another"
[PRESIDECMS-1896] - Site tree arrow point wrong direction after save a new site tree page
[PRESIDECMS-1796] - Formula fields should be hidden on edit screen by default
[PRESIDECMS-1405] - Object picker has an issue with searching and some characters