11 Sep 2020


[PRESIDECMS-1945] - Add renderTitle option to password policy message
[PRESIDECMS-1947] - Allow to choose rootpageId when building subnavigation
[PRESIDECMS-1950] - Data grid/selector cachebuster calculation: use dateformat to illiminate serialization issues with cached queries

Bug Fixes

[PRESIDECMS-1940] - Preside Objects Sorting Problem with Drafts
[PRESIDECMS-1942] - 404 when creating a new filter with form error
[PRESIDECMS-1944] - Full page caching - rendering order for delayed viewlets on not found or access denied pages
[PRESIDECMS-1946] - Data manager - Listing multi-action titles
[PRESIDECMS-1948] - Saving email attachments in draft doesn't retain the attachment
[PRESIDECMS-1949] - Multilingual data manager listing: fails with missing column _version_has_drafts