05 Aug 2020

Release highlights

Saved exports

The data grid "Data export" feature has been extended to give admin users the ability to save exports and schedule them for later running. Just be sure you have the dataexport feature enabled:

// in your Config.cfc

settings.features.dataExport.enabled = true;


Preside session management

You can now have Preside take care of your sessions for you! This means no longer using Lucee sessions at all. This is particularly useful for things like hosting your Preside applications in Containerised environments such as Kubernetes.

This feature is documented here: https://docs.preside.org/devguides/sessions.html.

Full release notes

New features and improvements

[PRESIDECMS-1794] - Reset password tokens: user errors lead to confusion (multiple reset password requests)
[PRESIDECMS-1799] - Add indexes to email template send log activity's link
[PRESIDECMS-1844] - Use our own Session management rather that rely on underlying engine
[PRESIDECMS-1852] - Allow CKeditor default config override by dynamic logic from handler
[PRESIDECMS-1860] - Add feature flag to not use delivery notifications in email center
[PRESIDECMS-1861] - Email center: Add a safe sender domain list
[PRESIDECMS-1866] - Renderer for Date/DateTime should be localized
[PRESIDECMS-1867] - To have a default scheduled task where it will purge the expired workflow data based on the 'Number of days' configured in Preside
[PRESIDECMS-1884] - Generated asset derivatives should store the dimensions of the generated image
[PRESIDECMS-1885] - Grid listing header label improvements
[PRESIDECMS-1890] - Add ability to save data export settings as a saved report
[PRESIDECMS-1891] - Schedule saved reports for automatic generation
[PRESIDECMS-1894] - Drafts: do not create draft fields and filters on objects that are not using drafts
[PRESIDECMS-1899] - Create interception points for data manager customisation
[PRESIDECMS-1903] - Control batch delete/edit allowed operations
[PRESIDECMS-1906] - Possibility to define the default exporter
[PRESIDECMS-1908] - Possibility to omit field labels for many-to-many fields in single record view
[PRESIDECMS-1909] - Object picker form control custom sort order based on sort_order
[PRESIDECMS-1910] - Limit data manager sortable columns in grid fields
[PRESIDECMS-1911] - Permissions on advanced filter builder usage
[PRESIDECMS-1912] - Switch action order in object history listing
[PRESIDECMS-1913] - Password policy messages
[PRESIDECMS-1915] - Update email centre edit frame
[PRESIDECMS-1921] - Add PresideObject value generator for incremented numeric value
[PRESIDECMS-1922] - Allow customization of tree view node rendering

Bug fixes

[PRESIDECMS-1654] - Data too long for column 'asset_url' at row 1 when inserting asset derivative into database
[PRESIDECMS-1881] - there is no property with name [1] found in [java.util.LinkedHashSet]
[PRESIDECMS-1904] - Ad-Hoc Tasks breadcrumb dead link
[PRESIDECMS-1905] - Internal date fields in excel export do not use labels in column headers
[PRESIDECMS-1914] - Service healthcheck heartbeat creates errors when service is down (background, does not effect users)
[PRESIDECMS-1916] - Fix toggle on filter in multi-table instances
[PRESIDECMS-1919] - Adhoc retry intervals: calculation is incorrect
[PRESIDECMS-1924] - Data export does not use filters applied via ajax querystring