8 Nov 2019

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[PRESIDECMS-1687] - Alternative renderer for boolean fields
[PRESIDECMS-1725] - Extraneous Character made it's way into the SvgToPngService
[PRESIDECMS-1726] - Formbuilder fields to be exported by default
[PRESIDECMS-1728] - Add datamanager customization points for quick add and quick edit
[PRESIDECMS-1732] - Heartbeat threads: provide config options to set the hostname that they will run with

Bug fixes

[PRESIDECMS-1723] - Access denied to asset folder that was granted permission
[PRESIDECMS-1727] - Datatable, Object picker does not work on Mobile
[PRESIDECMS-1729] - When export excel, autoSizeColumn does not work
[PRESIDECMS-1733] - Site redirect domains no longer working