3 Apr 2020

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Notes from the pulled 10.11.39 hotfix

The 10.11.39 hotfix is a bumper hotfix with various improvements and bugfixes merged from pull requests. Thanks to all the contributors including Mookesh, Brayden, Seb, Johnson, Nelson and Kok-Ann. Highlights include ability to delete derivatives for an asset in the admin and ability for developers to customize more CKEditor settings through the Coldbox config file.


[PRESIDECMS-1347] - Cancel edit of a managed page type redirects to site tree
[PRESIDECMS-1801] - Prevent deletion of email blueprint if it is in use by email templates
[PRESIDECMS-1806] - Ability to pass allowedTypes for linkPicker
[PRESIDECMS-1820] - Delete derivatives for an asset button
[PRESIDECMS-1821] - Allow all ckeditor config is editable in Config.cfc without having to override the default config in config.js
[PRESIDECMS-1822] - Restrict change of blueprint on custom email templates
[PRESIDECMS-1823] - Scheduled email generation should progress to next template if one fails

Bug fixes

[PRESIDECMS-1770] - Unable to save field that is of a many to many relationship as draft
[PRESIDECMS-1805] - Data manager export: sort order for many-to-one field issue
[PRESIDECMS-1812] - Setting locale with fails
[PRESIDECMS-1824] - Key [_version_is_draft] doesn't exist in SelectManyToManyData