14 Oct 2019

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New Features and enhancements

[PRESIDECMS-231] - Domain and Path next to slug field
[PRESIDECMS-411] - Create default environment variables file convention
[PRESIDECMS-1322] - Add a field filename to asset and store physical files using filename
[PRESIDECMS-1365] - Task Manager - Time Taken column on tasks screen
[PRESIDECMS-1510] - Web request context for Rules engine should have admin user expressions
[PRESIDECMS-1512] - Modify frontend logout behaviour to retain current page
[PRESIDECMS-1565] - Data tables: add ability to supply customized footer
[PRESIDECMS-1570] - Enum renderer: add detection of 'iconClass' and prefix with icon if found
[PRESIDECMS-1572] - Automated rules: add "Is logged in user" to fields related to user entities (both web and system)
[PRESIDECMS-1618] - Block HTML5 ping requests
[PRESIDECMS-1621] - Admin: add concept of 'source' so that users can be redirected back to source after completing various operations
[PRESIDECMS-1627] - Code snippet CKEditor extension
[PRESIDECMS-1633] - UpdateData(): add flag to prefetch existing data to pass to any postUpdateData interceptors
[PRESIDECMS-1637] - Preside object filters: define using handler convention
[PRESIDECMS-1640] - Implement "Preside SQL Views"
[PRESIDECMS-1647] - Create switchable features to enable/disable hearbeats
[PRESIDECMS-1684] - New getItems function for Enum Service
[PRESIDECMS-991] - Email Centre "Logs" tab slow to load when high count.
[PRESIDECMS-1083] - Link picker to show active/in-active status of pages
[PRESIDECMS-1143] - Load admin notifications in background
[PRESIDECMS-1151] - Update FontAwesome to version 5.0
[PRESIDECMS-1289] - Cache all system settings
[PRESIDECMS-1313] - Auto generate readable i18n
[PRESIDECMS-1320] - Image derivatives: make better system for custom transformations, generation, etc.
[PRESIDECMS-1368] - SelectData(): add concept of "default" filters
[PRESIDECMS-1401] - Wrap the asset name to avoid layout break in recycle bin asset listing page
[PRESIDECMS-1442] - Asset manager folder view: show in "last uploaded" order by default + add uploaded date column
[PRESIDECMS-1447] - Allow datamanager to operate within separate admin applications
[PRESIDECMS-1460] - Make export fields of fombuilder form submissions selectable
[PRESIDECMS-1491] - Tree view: add ability to sort pages within their parent page groups
[PRESIDECMS-1492] - Link picker: make customizing easier
[PRESIDECMS-1498] - Add savedDataField attribute to form field definition
[PRESIDECMS-1506] - After a task in the task manager has been performed (manually) the correct task group should be selected on page refresh
[PRESIDECMS-1516] - Email center: ensure custom template properties are available to layouts and prepParams handlers
[PRESIDECMS-1521] - Admin gritter notifications: change default placement and make configurable
[PRESIDECMS-1523] - Create a HTML tag widget
[PRESIDECMS-1530] - Richeditor widget categories + link picker categories: should cascade into child richeditors
[PRESIDECMS-1535] - Datamanager sorting to take in extra filter
[PRESIDECMS-1544] - Email center: data tables for custom templates slow when large logs of sent email
[PRESIDECMS-1545] - Automatically Create Database indexes on datecreated and datemodified fields
[PRESIDECMS-1557] - Allow specifying of suppressFields in validateForm()
[PRESIDECMS-1559] - Custom Datamanager Screens: should be able to specify selecting all formula fields when getting prc.record
[PRESIDECMS-1571] - Admin ajax requests when login expired redirect to login
[PRESIDECMS-1576] - Full page caching: related cached data can cause high memory requirements, have lighter defaults and make configurable
[PRESIDECMS-1586] - Allow selectData getSqlAndParamsOnly to return params in filterParams format
[PRESIDECMS-1591] - Email center: add interception points around email sending to allow deeper customization
[PRESIDECMS-1602] - Don't raise notifications for inactive CMS Admin users
[PRESIDECMS-1609] - Allow email variables to be used in link picker
[PRESIDECMS-1612] - Cachebox reapAll() should not happen on every request. Run in background instead
[PRESIDECMS-1613] - Coldbox request context: should not be instantiated each request (can be singleton)
[PRESIDECMS-1614] - Application reloads: improve performance of 503 response during reload
[PRESIDECMS-1617] - Auto datasources: default DB connection timeout should be 1 minute, not zero
[PRESIDECMS-1625] - Add pre/post clear related caches interceptors to aid with clustering implementations
[PRESIDECMS-1626] - Only clear related query caches when records have changed
[PRESIDECMS-1628] - Cachebox: optimize default configuration
[PRESIDECMS-1632] - API Manager: Allow APIs to define custom auth management handler
[PRESIDECMS-1638] - Dynamic date range rules engine filter
[PRESIDECMS-1650] - Never use cachebox caches for Coldbox FLASH, unless user specifically asks to do so
[PRESIDECMS-1653] - Add onReloadConfigCategories interception point
[PRESIDECMS-1656] - Add possibility to define root URL/domain to be used within Email Centre Mailings
[PRESIDECMS-1665] - Forms: create interception points around rendering them
[PRESIDECMS-1667] - Add interceptors around data export
[PRESIDECMS-1668] - Add pre/post prepareEmail interceptors to allow extensions + apps to arbitrarily customize email output
[PRESIDECMS-1669] - TranslateResource: Improve performance of core cbi18n getFwLanguage
[PRESIDECMS-1672] - Allow automatic white-space trimming of form submission data
[PRESIDECMS-1676] - Full Page Caching: Set X-Cache: HIT/MISS headers
[PRESIDECMS-1677] - Sticker operations through request context: can get slight perf. boost by caching lookup call
[PRESIDECMS-1678] - Allow easy configuration of ckeditor extraAllowedContent elements
[PRESIDECMS-1694] - Data manager, add record page breadcrumb: make 'Add {entity name}' rather than 'Add record'
[PRESIDECMS-1695] - Allow preside to work with pre-compiled files so that extension source code can be made private
[PRESIDECMS-1700] - Taskmanager and other heartbeats: avoid using internal http requests to fire
[PRESIDECMS-1701] - Show more information in the admin "System information" page
[PRESIDECMS-1706] - Allow contentRenderer render() method to return any type
[PRESIDECMS-1707] - Add $helpers into PresideSuperClass - making any helper libs available to your services

Bug fixes

[PRESIDECMS-1528] - HTML emails do not get tokens replaced if view online enabled
[PRESIDECMS-1542] - Same filter for selectData doesn't work with deleteData
[PRESIDECMS-1543] - Rules engine filter/condition field editor: large/long values break HTTP requests
[PRESIDECMS-1560] - Add user-photo class to admin user renderer to make round photos everywhere
[PRESIDECMS-1561] - Admin post login: sometimes redirects to ajax result page
[PRESIDECMS-1588] - relativeTo-Validation in object-definition fails in this case
[PRESIDECMS-1598] - Asset folder recursion: ability for infinite loop
[PRESIDECMS-1601] - PDF thumbnail is not able to generate
[PRESIDECMS-1607] - Performance: Reduce memory consumption per-request
[PRESIDECMS-1619] - Wildcard (*) site URL can lead to bad link generation
[PRESIDECMS-1630] - Files not processed when using validateForms()
[PRESIDECMS-1631] - OpenGraph meta url is broken
[PRESIDECMS-1645] - Key applicationname does not exist when reloading application in a stateless request
[PRESIDECMS-1649] - many-to-many field versioning is not created and not reflect in object data record
[PRESIDECMS-1651] - Scaffolding preside objects: object path can have double slash
[PRESIDECMS-1671] - Preside admin not receiving the notification email they have subscribed to
[PRESIDECMS-1680] - Send test email to custom email template with anonymous as recipient
[PRESIDECMS-1682] - Font awesome 5 brand icons broken
[PRESIDECMS-1683] - Anonymous user tracking is not working when fullPageCaching is enabled
[PRESIDECMS-1685] - Thread.stop() should be avoided when shutting down threads
[PRESIDECMS-1686] - SVG preview in admin
[PRESIDECMS-1688] - Clicking on Asset > recycle Bin shows grid field error
[PRESIDECMS-1689] - Error thrown editing a Many-to-many picker field that's stored as string
[PRESIDECMS-1690] - Asset manager table layout break
[PRESIDECMS-1691] - 404 pages are blank in some version of Lucee