5 Nov 2018

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New features and enhancements

PRESIDECMS-476] - Handling of .tif / .tiff files by default
PRESIDECMS-744] - Review and enable more MIME Types for the Asset Manager
PRESIDECMS-785] - Assisted duplication of a preside object record
PRESIDECMS-797] - renderViewlet should accept cache arguments
PRESIDECMS-848] - Select all function on Website users page
PRESIDECMS-915] - remove \n \t in json ajaxproxy results
PRESIDECMS-1232] - Upgrade to ColdBox 5
PRESIDECMS-1271] - Make the JSOUP HTML parsing and style fixing a feature in email centre
PRESIDECMS-1286] - Replace cfthread and cfschedule with a purely local implementation
PRESIDECMS-1292] - Email centre: preview newletter emails per recipient
PRESIDECMS-1293] - Email centre: remove references to email "templates" in the custom email section
PRESIDECMS-1294] - Email centre: provide more indepth statistics
PRESIDECMS-1295] - Email centre: clone templates
PRESIDECMS-1296] - Email centre: next scheduled date preview with expected recipient count
PRESIDECMS-1297] - Email centre: process queue with multiple threads
PRESIDECMS-1298] - Email centre: discrete ability to send test emails
PRESIDECMS-1303] - Handle errors with email open and click tracking more gracefully
PRESIDECMS-1304] - Date/time pickers: add ability to set custom default dates
PRESIDECMS-1305] - Email centre: simplify editing experience
PRESIDECMS-1306] - Create record cloning system
PRESIDECMS-1308] - Core system logging: use systemOutput rather than log file="application"
PRESIDECMS-1309] - External services: create healthcheck APIs so that systems can gracefully degrade
PRESIDECMS-1324] - "parent page" selector in site tree should only show pages which are allowed to use as parent
PRESIDECMS-1325] - Allow deletion of whole sites
PRESIDECMS-1326] - Create abstract concept/framework for admin login providers
PRESIDECMS-1333] - Allow permissionless login to admin (i.e. everyone has perms to dashboard)
PRESIDECMS-1340] - Admin header: Brand logo should link to admin homepage
PRESIDECMS-1341] - Delayed rendering of static includes: only default to true when full page caching is enabled
PRESIDECMS-1342] - Admin user groups: create an "Everyone" group so that sysadmin's can create baseline permissions for users
PRESIDECMS-1348] - Email center: export raw logs for email stats
PRESIDECMS-1354] - Add interception point to _setUserSession() method
PRESIDECMS-1371] - Clear page cache button: should clear all caches (in lieu of having a full cache managment UI)


[PRESIDECMS-1273] - Reference documentation: Attachment/Link forms for richeditor have the same doc title

Bug fixes

[PRESIDECMS-1275] - Email centre scheduled sending options form validation