12 Jun 2015

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The 10.1.1 release brings the "one-to-many" data manager and a number of bug fixes.

Features and improvements

[PRESIDECMS-51] - Deleted child page not show in recycle bin
[PRESIDECMS-8] - As a CMS adminsitrator, I should be able to easily manage 'one-to-many' data of a given record so that I can quickly enter related data from any direction
[PRESIDECMS-22] - Improve 'popover' dialog spacing, esp. when nested
[PRESIDECMS-31] - Asset picker no longer loading image size
[PRESIDECMS-63] - Field layouts do not get all field attributes available to them
[PRESIDECMS-64] - Tab title missing in asset upload process

Bug fixes

[PRESIDECMS-42] - Link eidt on Right Click broken
[PRESIDECMS-57] - Derivatives: do not resize if image already the correct size