14 Oct 2016

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New features and enhancements

[PRESIDECMS-202] - Rule conditions engine
[PRESIDECMS-414] - Draft workflows
[PRESIDECMS-82] - Audit Trail of CMS users changes
[PRESIDECMS-416] - Bring task manager extension into core
[PRESIDECMS-527] - Limit selectable widgets in ckeditor
[PRESIDECMS-423] - Editable system settings should be able to be both default and site specific
[PRESIDECMS-433] - Add notion of public/private spaces within Storage providers
[PRESIDECMS-424] - Admin login: forgets original request (should redirect you to originally requested admin page)
[PRESIDECMS-348] - Detect Lucee dot notation settings & notify the user if that is not "Keep original case"
[PRESIDECMS-380] - Allow default sort order of datamanager grid to be made up of multiple columns
[PRESIDECMS-362] - Remember page and language in admin on reload
[PRESIDECMS-541] - N number of data tables in a single page
[PRESIDECMS-302] - Interceptors using wirebox have potential to break the database: gently prevent that
[PRESIDECMS-356] - Support multilingual slugs
[PRESIDECMS-357] - Support for multilingual asset properties
[PRESIDECMS-398] - Allow datepicker to have relative date restrictions
[PRESIDECMS-404] - Translation form should not only be accessible via the edit form of an object
[PRESIDECMS-425] - Make active Buttons more visible
[PRESIDECMS-437] - Simple one-to-many picker
[PRESIDECMS-456] - Add gravity option for image magick resize
[PRESIDECMS-467] - Auto alias bare columns in preside object queries
[PRESIDECMS-483] - _self _blank _parent _top
[PRESIDECMS-491] - Make "Save changes as draft" and "Publish changes" separate buttons
[PRESIDECMS-492] - Add 'remember me' for admin login
[PRESIDECMS-517] - Vaildate email field when adding CMS users
[PRESIDECMS-524] - Notification sorting and UI issues
[PRESIDECMS-537] - Limit concurrent uploads in the asset manager
[PRESIDECMS-547] - Announce an interception point after site tree page initialization
[PRESIDECMS-575] - Implement SRI to javascript snippet
[PRESIDECMS-577] - Upgrade to Sticker 1.1.0
[PRESIDECMS-579] - Assets behind login: post login redirect should be to page containing link to asset
[PRESIDECMS-580] - TIME db type should be mapped for db adapters

Bug fixes

[PRESIDECMS-80] - Overlap button
[PRESIDECMS-359] - Possibility to limit the list of selectable language in the admin
[PRESIDECMS-418] - Asset manager does not auto-correct image rotations
[PRESIDECMS-420] - Missing , (comma) for parameter for getManagedChildrenForDataTable function in SiteTreeService
[PRESIDECMS-449] - Form fields not removed when clicked close icon "X" on formBuilder workbench
[PRESIDECMS-453] - Item selection fix (Preside)
[PRESIDECMS-454] - Display arrow on the CMS to switch to the EMS view
[PRESIDECMS-457] - Problem with Route handling and language code in slugs
[PRESIDECMS-458] - On frontend requests system tries to use a translated security user object
[PRESIDECMS-481] - i18n files not recognised (seemingly randomly)
[PRESIDECMS-487] - Margin collapsed while displaying dateTimePicker
[PRESIDECMS-501] - Cancel edit of managed page type will lead to site tree
[PRESIDECMS-503] - Keyboard shortcut for formbuilder clashes with site tree (g+s)
[PRESIDECMS-507] - Website user config appears when website users feature disabled
[PRESIDECMS-514] - View submission dialog fails with long replies
[PRESIDECMS-520] - Admin UI: long items in menu dropdowns overspill the dropdown container
[PRESIDECMS-521] - Linking in multilingual websites does not work
[PRESIDECMS-522] - Restricted lock icon not inherit to grand child page in sitetree
[PRESIDECMS-523] - Compatibility issue with task manager and lucee 4.5.3
[PRESIDECMS-532] - Edit website users bug
[PRESIDECMS-533] - Data could not persist on star rate and check box field
[PRESIDECMS-534] - non-clickable rows in a datatable
[PRESIDECMS-535] - Page slug hierarchy becomes corrupted after deleting and restoring entire sections of the tree
[PRESIDECMS-536] - Index names that are too long are blocking database resyncs
[PRESIDECMS-538] - Asset metadata does not cascade delete
[PRESIDECMS-545] - 500 error on first time user setup: token is undefined
[PRESIDECMS-546] - Asset dropdown text overlapping
[PRESIDECMS-553] - First time user setup does not fire when setting up an app that does not use site tree
[PRESIDECMS-555] - "Non-source" many-to-many relationship calculation leads to 500 error
[PRESIDECMS-569] - When adding attributes to an object property in object, type becomes "any"
[PRESIDECMS-574] - Star rating form control: does not display value saved in DB (e.g. in an edit form)
[PRESIDECMS-581] - Date pickers do not support translation
[PRESIDECMS-603] - Clearing object caches: concurrency issue leading to errors