15 Dec 2021


[PRESIDECMS-2230] Post fetch records for grid listing data manager customisation during export data

Bug fixes

[PRESIDECMS-2251] No X-Frame-Options header set on accessDenied events
[PRESIDECMS-2250] OneToManyConfigurator forms do not save many-to-many data
[PRESIDECMS-2249] Delayed viewlets: query object args are not passed correctly
[PRESIDECMS-2248] OneToManyConfigurator does not recognise custom object sort orders
[PRESIDECMS-2247] Formbuilder: Content can't be updated or added when more than one content or spacer field is used
[PRESIDECMS-2244] Email template: view online link is present in view online content
[PRESIDECMS-2240] Email variable is wrapped with code tags
[PRESIDECMS-2228] Data exported for enum field are enum value instead of the enum label