Preside 10.8.0 released!

  • 27 Apr 2017
  • Dom Watson

We are thrilled to announce the public release of Preside 10.8.0, our biggest ever release. The release features 108 completed tickets, more than 40 pull requests and over 100 feature branches. We would like to thank all our contributors of both code and issue reporting, including (but not exhaustively):

  • Alex Skinner
  • Andreas Eppinger
  • CF Mitrah (Muthu, Mani & Selva)
  • Choon Tat Cheng (Johnson)
  • Dominic Watson
  • Jan Jannek
  • Nelson Chuah
  • Niall O'Doherty
  • SeakChiew
  • Sean Wong
  • Sebastian Thomas
  • Seb Duggan
  • Seon Pua
  • Tommy Wong
  • Vivien Wong
  • Jack Thompson
  • Claudine Gerber

Full release notes can be found at: Release notes for 10.8.0. Upgrade notes can be found on our documentation site:

Major new features

Preside Email Centre

The Preside email centre provides an easy to develop templating system for your application's transactional email and a UI for your editors to create their own marketing email and freely edit transactional email templates. Combined with the new rules engine based filters, the system allows you to perform awesome marketing email communication automation.


Rules engine enhancements and filters

The rules engine now supports expressions that can be used as filters in admin datatables (and any other application of filters that you can dream up). We have also made a big effort to auto generate rules engine expressions based on your data model so that you may not need to develop custom expressions for your applications. Rules are also now available to use in form builder post actions so that you can decide whether or not to perform an action based on data about the current request, page, user and/or content of the form submission.

This feature continues to excite and we're confident that it will excite you too. Full documentation can be found at:


Find out more

Join us on Slack, or sign-up to the site and newsletter to find out more about the release. We have a series of webinars and further posts planned to take a deeper dive into the 10.8.0 features and will keep the community updated.


Dom Watson

Preside Lead Architect